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Well its official. We are no longer a family of four, but instead a family of five. My Question is, do I now have to change my wordpress page name to reflect this change? But if I change it this time, will I again have to change the name in a couple of years when another Humby is added to the equation? And if so, How many more changes of websites will I have to go through. What a headache! I think for now I will keep this account and continue to give you the same heart-felt attention I have in the past. Feel free to welcome Daniel Isaiah Humby to the world. He arrived on Thursday Nov. 13th at 2:33pm. He weighed 8lbs. 9.8oz, 21 inches tall. He has been a pleasant addition to our family. For more information, including some more pics and videos, check out my Family page. Thanks for all your prayers!



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