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Who doesn’t want to know the Will of God or the Purpose of Life? From the moment cognitive thought first takes place in our heads, we start to wonder things like: Why am I here? What is my purpose? or even What is God’s Will for my life? We all share in these soul searching questions.

The “Real” question should not be about Purpose of life, God’s will, or even about existence. The real question should be “How can I find UNDERSTANDING in what I’m going through?” Whether a person believes in the Bible, or God Almighty, the reason we exist is the same; to give Glory to God in ALL aspects of our lives. This satisfies our need to know why we exist, what our purpose is, and how we are to live our lives, The answer to life’s toughest question is answered by simply moving the attention off ourselves and placing it back on the Creator of our dreams and desires. We move from a “me” focused attitude to a God focused life.

So as I sit here in Limbo, wondering what the next step is in God’s awesome plan for my life, I am slowly changing my focus from PURPOSE to UNDERSTANDING. I find myself asking, “What does God want me to experience in the unknown?” rather than “What am I supposed to do?”. Its when we change our way of thinking about what we’re going through that we discover the reasons behind why God has placed such obstacles and experiences in our life. We can honestly ask ourselves: Is God taking this opportunity to…protect, prepare, teach, sharpen, guide…(fill in the gap)…me? We place HIM in the key and primary position within our lives. Our lives become about serving HIM in all aspects and about wondering why this are happening or how things are going to work our. The fact is, life is a mystery and adventure. The certain answers we seek may never be found. But when we pray diligently for UNDERSTANDING during our experiences, we start to see God as He is; a God who has the BEST intentions for our lives.


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