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Isn’t it Ironic?

One week left here in Kansas and I’m starting to see the irony of life. We are told from adolescence that things come full circle; that the past repeats itself; that life has cycles. Yet while we are going through them we fail to realize the truth about them until we yet again are faced with the irony of life.

To expound for a moment, I am referring to the way God has worked in my life. Shortly after MaryEllen and I got married, we felt as if God was closing doors and preparing us for something adventurous. Then in the spring of 2001, we felt the pull to move out in faith. So we left god paying jobs, our friends, family, and all the comforts of the familiar for the adventure God had designed for us. We packed up the U-Haul and moved to Oklahoma. We had a direction and a down payment on an apartment; we had nothing else.

Now, over seven years later, irony stares us in the eyes and says, “You ready for your next adventure?” Now facing a major semi-continental move (which will drain our savings), the promise of no job on the horizon (though there are a lot of “interested” churches), the return to my parents household (hopefully only a temporary situation), and the addition of another Humby to the clan (Yes, we are expecting our third), I have to wonder about the irony of placing my full trust in God.

Please bear with me for a moment. I am not complaining or belittling the fact that I know God has something in store for us or that we will grow and prosper through this as we have done in the past. No, I am simply saying that when I take a step back I can’t help but see the parallels between our move seven years ago and our move in seven days. And I can’t help but wonder if this is simply part of God’s humor; reminding us that HE’s in charge and that everything happens for HIS glory and not ours. If I have learned one lesson in the adventure we have faced over the last seven years it is this: I am not God. He loves and cares for us and even when we don’t understand the “why’s” of life, He understands and had the reasoning for it. So as I continue to pack boxes and in a week load up the truck, I can be assured that even though this point of faith in my life looks like irony, its simply part of God’s plan to express his love in my life!


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