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Day Off

What a week! Emotions on the rise, immune system beaten low. Craziness all around. After a week of battling “the crud” (Kansas terminology for being sick) and resigning my position here at the church after two and a half years of service, the one thing I need more than anything is a day off. Now when I say “day off” I mean a day where I sleep late and do practically nothing of substance.

Unfortunately, there was part of me that wanted to take a day off from even the things that count. I mean there was part of me that wanted to skip my daily time with God and instead simply vegg out in front of the TV. I was tempted to forgo reading my bible and devotionals and instead spend ten more minutes under my blankets.

But then I started thinking, God never takes a day off from me. He is constantly watching over me and concerned about me. Even in the movie “Bruce Almighty”, when Bruce is given all the powers and responsibilities of the almighty, God is still aware of Bruce’s moves and mistakes. Psalm 68:19 puts it this way, “ Praise the Lord, who carries our burdens day after day; he is the God who saves us.” (Good News Bible) If God cares enough about us to daily carry our burdens, why wouldn’t I desire to take some time out of my busy schedule to spend time with him? Even on my day off.


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