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Deut. 6:12
“be careful that you do not forget the Lord…”

I ran across a T-shirt at the store the other day that caught my eye. The shirt read, “If I don’t remember, It didn’t happen”. As I pondered the wisdom behind the shirt I began to see that this is the new Mantra of our society. If we don’t remember an event, it didn’t happen. In a world where Idealism and Relativism are quickly gaining ground, this new mantra doesn’t seem so out of place.

How is it possible for a society to eliminate Christianity and Christian beliefs? The best way is by simply re-writing history. Once history is re-written to fit the world’s view, Idealism and Relativism can take full control of people’s minds, hearts, and even souls.

So how does one go about re-writing history and Christianity? By destroying the basic foundations which hold history together. We use a camera to take pictures so that we don’t forget the memories tied to that specific time and place. We then store them away to only bring them back out at a later date to once again remember the emotional ties behind that memory.

As Christians, we also have been given a photo album of sorts; the Bible. In scripture we are told to be careful not to forget the Lord. By Remembering the Rules, Remembering the Author, and Remembering the Past we can insure that we will not forget about God in any aspect of our lives.

The problem comes when we fail to remember God in one of these areas. When that happens we become susceptible to re-writing of our belief system and even history itself. Dan Brown’s Book, The DaVinci Code is an example of this. Though the book is filled with misinterpretations and twisted factual information, those whom have forgotten about God will find it hard not to take the book as Gospel.

The challenge I present is for every Christian to make sure their foundation is secure and take on the old Mantra quoted in Scripture, “BE CAREFUL THAT YOU DO NOT FORGET THE LORD”. Be sure that the next generation will have a solid foundation to build upon. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The next step is ours!

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Hello and welcome to my world. I have often thought about starting a blog but I wondered and struggled with what I would write about. Then I looked at those in my life and thought I would like to use this site as a tribute to those who have impacted my life and helped make me the person I am.

So, as the first entry in this blog, I would like to thank God for placing me in interesting places where I can learn to trust in Him more fully as my God and savior. I would like to thank my wife for putting up with me for the last seven years. I would like to thank Patrick and Micah for allowing me to learn humbleness as their father. I thank my father and mother (grandparents also) for the lessons they taught me despite the fact I didn’t want them as I was going through them. And finally I would like to thank Erik, Gary, and Mike for constantly pushing me through competition and friendship. Through their insanity I found sanity and stability.

Yes, I know it’s a bit sappy. No, not all my posts will be like this. But like the title says, this is a tribute to those who have influenced my life. And I simply need to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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